How to integrate querydsl in your javaee7 project

This guide requires knowledge on:
  • maven
  • git
  • eclipse
  • querydsl
  • wild fly
We will show you how to modify the javaee7-archetype project to integrate querydsl. For those who do not know, it is a library to unify queries in java. What I like more about it is that you can fluently construct your api. For more info refer to:

Follow this guide to setup your project:
Take note, of the arquillian configuration, as we will need it later.

Since I am lazy :-), I will just provide the test project that I have created in GitHub:

Things you should take notice:
  • In resources I have added a JPAQueryFactoryProducer:
     public JPAQueryFactory produceJPQQueryFactory() {
      return new JPAQueryFactory(em);
  • Note that I have modified Member entity, added a BaseEntity and Identifiable interface.
  • I have added a new package: com.broodcamp.javaee_querydsl_demo.repository and the classes inside it.
  • I have also modified: MemberRegistrationTest, so that we can run the arquillian test correct.
To run arquillian simply execute this command inside your project in the terminal:
>mvn clean test -Parq-wildfly-managed

The test should run without error.
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