How to signin to keycloak using google

There are 3 set of steps that we must follow in order to come up with a web project that will allow us to login using google's identity provider.

Set 1 - Create a google application

  1. Create a google application at
  2. Set OAuth consent screen
  3. Fill up the requirement to create a client id
  4. Save the client id and secret, we will use it later when creating a client in keycloak

Set 2 - Setup Keycloak

  1.  Create realm social-oauth
  2.  Create Identity Provider
    1.     Identity Provider
    2.     Add provider
    3.     Google
  3. Copy the client id and secret that we save earlier in their respective fields
  4. Create a new keycloak application client
    1. While in the client, click the Installation tab
    2. Under format option select "Keycloak OIDC JSON"
    3. Copy and paste this value in a file named keycloak.json inside your javaee7 web project's web-inf directory.

Set 3 - Create our web project

  1. Create a new maven project using javaee7 blank archetype, name it social-oauth-demo.
  2. Create a file name keycloak.json, content will be coming from the keycloak client that we just created.
    It should look like this:
      "realm": "social-auth",
      "auth-server-url": "http://localhost:8180/auth",
      "ssl-required": "external",
      "resource": "social-auth-client",
      "public-client": true
  3. Create web.xml file, where we will specify keycloak as the authentication method. Also secure a web resource.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <web-app xmlns:xsi=""
     xmlns="" xmlns:web=""
       <web-resource-name>All Pages</web-resource-name>
  4. Build and deploy the war in wildfly. Make sure that wildfly has keycloak client installed.
  5. Open a browser and enter http://localhost:8080/social-auth-demo/social/index.html, this should redirect to keycloak's login page. You should see a google icon to login.
The same logic applies to facebook.
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